Be the Best Lover

she has ever had...

It’s not the size of your cock or 
the tricks they write about in men’s magazines.

Women are complicated.

It can seem like a nearly impossible maze to make your woman 
(or the woman you hope to date) 
happy and sexually open to you.


It’s not your fault. There is almost nowhere in this world where you can find the tools that will truly give you the magic keys to unlock what is possible in great lovemaking.

  • What if I told you that work you can do on your own can actually change the way women respond to you?

  • What if I told you that what you have previously defined as pleasure is just the tip of the iceberg?

  • What if I told you that I cannot even describe to you the possibility of what great lovemaking will feel like because it is so foreign from how you see sex right now.

Let me let you in on a secret...

The best sex you have ever had in your entire life is NOTHING in comparison to what is possible. For a number of reasons from culture, to religion, to family stuff, even if you have had lots of great sex, even if connecting with women isn’t a problem for you, even if you have a great relationship and you have sex 3-4 times a week, you are still missing out.


Be The Best Lover is a 5-week online beginner
Tantra program that will help you...


- Feel more comfortable with women.

- Become a better lover.

- Diffuse situations that would have led to conflict & disconnect.

- Provide a safe space for her to open and increase her genuine desire for sex.

- Gain greater confidence in your ability as a lover and as a man.

- Learn how to last for hours in bed.

- Learn how to have multiple orgasms.


“I am having the best sex of my life and my intuition says that this only the beginning.” ~Abdon



In Partnership:

Feeling like your woman/relationship has just become too much hard work.

Not being able to make your woman happy - no matter what you do.

Feeling like you’ve ‘lost yourself’ in partnership ~ taking care of her needs has somehow become more important than your own.

You’re frustrated because your partner doesn’t want to connect sexually.

Lovemaking has become boring... or is not happening at all.

You have experienced/are experiencing what is known as ‘sexual dysfunction’.

You have run out of ideas - you don’t know what else to do.

For Single Men:

Women aren’t noticing you and/or you are caught in the ‘friend’ zone.

Feeling stressed and insecure about approaching women.

Lacking confidence in your sexual abilities.

You have no idea how to connect with women.


We believe in men and we believe in love.


Over and over again we see men making well-intentioned choices around dating, sex and relationship - and you’re still feeling stuck and frustrated.

We know that deep down inside of you is an intuitive knowing that *there - is - more* and a quiet gnawing frustration of not knowing how to get it.

You are not alone... we live in a culture where men’s education comes from porn, misleading movies & TV, and broken family dynamics that didn’t work for your parents and won’t work for you either.

Over the last 10 years we have been WOW-ed by sharing simple techniques with hundreds of men. The results have been amazing! Men are creating loving relationships with hot sex, less drama and more confidence in all that they do.

We want you to have that too.


You love women.

You are in, or you want to be in, a deep, intimate and passionate relationship.

You are ready for something to shift in how you have been with women.

You are willing to do things differently because what you are doing is not giving you what you want.



You are looking for a quick fix.

You want to manipulate women into bed.

You already know why your relationships with women are not going how you’d like and it’s totally their fault.

You don’t have the time to invest at least 2 hours per week in a personal practice (this includes the time you spend attending/listening to classes).



Module 1:

Become irresistible
to her...

Women can feel where you are coming from and will often shut down to you if they don’t think, or feel, you are ‘all there’. Learn to become more sensitive to your own body and come to her whole and re-charged. When you come to her just to meet your needs or to blow off steam, she can never fully open to you.

If you can’t feel can you expect her to feel you?

Module 3:

Power of
the Penis...

Your penis is a powerful force! For healing and for pleasure. For most men, tension in your body and lack of range of motion is preventing your full power from building in your penis and pelvis. This block and tension in your lower back keeps your heart and penis from being connected. When you do finally make this connection, your woman really feels safe with you and goes deeper with you on another level. Learn to free up the lower back and gather power in the pelvis in new ways.

Module 5:

Master this and she will show you places you have never been.

Woman can open up new worlds inside of herself and inside of you, however, she needs to trust you deeply first. In this module we will do a practice that has the power to take you onto new ground. As you train your own body to feel safe in this new territory ~ you begin to become the kind of man she can trust to take her there.

P.S. This is another practice that can open your body into Full Body Orgasm!

Module 2:

The most arousing
thing for her...

Women want to open to you, want to love you, want you to share with you great lovemaking that ‘wows’ both of you. It can sometimes be difficult for women to feel totally safe sharing both the wild and sensitive sides of their sexuality. In this module, we share the big secret and give you a powerful tool that will make you the kind of man she can discover her sexual power with. She will thank you.

Module 4:

Multiple Orgasms
for YOU...

Learn the powerful Tantric practice that will make your body more sensitive to pleasure and to what your lover needs. This will be the groundwork for training your body to experience multiple orgasms and last as long as you would like in bed. Finally! ~ experience what more is waiting for you ~ waaaay beyond the habitual few seconds of bliss experienced with ejaculation.



“It is so incredible to see how much a man transforms when doing this work. They are more in their power, more manly and yet grounded and sensitive at the same time. And when I am around a man like this, it helps me to feel open, loving, sensual and safe to be me. AND they seem to get more hot at the same time- seriously.” ~ Rachel H.



Stop just s u r v i v i n g in relationship and start THRIVING!

Stop repeating the pattern that hasn’t been working for you of having the same relationship over and over again with different women...

Become more attractive and attractant to her by learning how to stay out of your head and show up with one hand on your heart and the other hand on your balls!

Over the span of 5 additional modules, Martin will share with you essential tools for gaining confidence in yourself, making great decisions with ease and showing up strongly in your relationships with women.

In addition to these modules, there will be several short practice videos that will help you stay clear, focused and powerful in all you do.

“Learn secrets from the man who has taken me to new depths in life and lovemaking!” ~ Charu


Three (3) downloadable videos which you can bring into your daily practice. Each one is about 30 minutes long and will support the opening that is necessary in your body to get the most out of the Best Lover course.


Share with fellow participants in the Best Lover training in a special Facebook page just for you.

Ask questions, get answers and support, share successes, and learn that you are not alone.



Martin and I have worked very hard to create a course that truly feels like we are right there with you helping you create a new relationship with woman. Previously, the only way to have this kind of handholding and support from us would be to work with us privately for upwards of $3,500!

We understand that not everyone can make that kind of investment ~ so we created this course to give you the VALUE of 1-on-1 work at a price point that is considerably less. :)

Here is the total value you're getting with this course:

  • How to Be the Best Lover ~ 5 modules ($3500 VALUE)


  • Bonus #1: Martin’s home study ($297 value)

  • Bonus #2: Activate, Open & Awaken ($47 value)

  • Bonus #3: Private Facebook Group ($97 value)

TOTAL VALUE: Almost $4000 value!

Only $697
*Payment Plan Available*



You’ll get this amazing course plus over $300 in powerful extra Bonuses.

Most dudes don’t know this stuff...this gives you a priceless edge.

Women everywhere are aching to experience more of you.

For just the price of about three typical ‘date-nights’ you could experience a lifetime of deeper connections with women.

The tools you get in this course are action-oriented and can finally create that breakthrough you have been hoping for (even if you've been in therapy for years).

This is how you transform your relationship and start having the sex you’ve been craving.


We’ve been at this for years, we have helped 100’s of people and we are living a rewarding, conscious, and sometimes challenging relationship with great sex. Together our collective investment in learning what we will share in this course is upwards of $100,000 and decades of experience. Yes, you read that right.

Get the benefit of everything we’ve invested, our experience with clients and our personal experience of almost 10 years in partnership. We’ve collected the best and put it together for you here for only $697.



Best Lover Course - You will receive immediate access to all 5 weeks of the course. Each week includes:

  • A practice

  • A lecture

  • Video, audio & multiple handouts so you can choose which one is right for your learning style!

  • This is a downloadable course. Everything will be accessible online and nothing will be mailed to you.

Martin's THRIVE! Course (Your BONUS) - You will receive immediate access to this course as well.


“My partner and I experiment, play and communicate on a level I have never known.”

“I have learned so much about "love" making and sex in the last year thanks to [my partner and working with Martin and Charu]. We experiment, play and communicate on a level I have never known. I’m also remembering past experiences years ago and thinking "Holy Shit what was I thinking!"...sorry ladies!!!” ~ Barry


“I am having the best sex of my life and my intuition says that this only the beginning.”

“I have always been a very sexual person. I have had several sexual partners and I was happy with my sex life.

When I started working with Martin and Charu several things started to change. First I was able to move the sexual energy in a different way and I could achieve full body orgasms. I was able, after a while, to orgasm almost at will and I can now decide when to have an orgasm with or without ejaculation by just moving the energy. I cannot emphasize this enough, since now I can have as many orgasms as I want and thus, this is very important to me, lovemaking changed its focus from the stress of having or giving an orgasm to my partner (even though I was not aware of this at the time) to the relaxed state of just enjoying the process and really being there for her.

Having simultaneous orgasms with my sexual partner became easy, it just started to happen all the time. And we don’t even have to have intercourse to get there, sometimes simply hugging or laying down after lovemaking.

This has taken my lovemaking to a state which I had only read was possible but not quite believed it could be attained. I am having the best sex of my life and my intuition says that this only the beginning. ~Abdon


“I’ve honed a deeper connection to my wife and my life.”

“When I came to Martin, I was floating through life both personally and in my relationship with my Wife. I’ve found clarity and focus and continue to explore and expand everyday. I’ve honed a deeper connection to my wife and my life. I am truly thankful.” ~ Ryan


“My date was awesome, the best of my life!!”

“Hey Martin...just to follow up, my date was awesome, the best of my life!! It would not have been possible without the tools you have given me. It (the tuition for coaching) is truly a small price to pay for what you offer and I look forward to continuing soon”. ~ Seann


“...She told me how safe and awesome she felt with me and how much pleasure she felt in her body.”

“I can now relate to women more from my heart than the head. I can trust and open my heart to women as who I am, without being judged. When I was with a woman recently, she told me how safe and awesome she felt with me and how much pleasure she felt in her body. This work changed and is still changing my life. I'm very grateful!” ~ Potri


“I have reestablished how I show up in my relationship with my wife.”

“If you are thinking about working with Martin my advice to you is, “HELL YES”! Through this process I have reestablished how I show up in my relationships with my wife, my kids and my business. Martin has shown me what else is possible and I am incredibly thankful for his wisdom and guidance.” ~ Michael




Most men will die never knowing what is possible in relationship and lovemaking. Great sex, beyond what you have imagined is waiting for you. A powerful relationship that nourishes you and challenges you to be a better man can be in your future.

Like with anything that is important to you, you will need to invest time, energy and money in making the changes necessary to grow into this.

We would truly love to support you on this journey. You cannot do it alone and we are confident in the tools we have to share with you.

With love,
Martin & Charu